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Over the years, video has proven to be the most effective marketing and training tool ever created. Our goal at PunkinMusher Productions, LLC is to make your customer base turn to look at your business. First, we study each client to better understand how to perfectly convey their message. Then we explore why someone would choose your product or service. This is accomplished by focusing on the products use, purpose and benefit.

From concept to finished delivery, our mission is to brand and market our clients to their target audience.Through video, our most important and effective tool is emotion. We design the script, camera placement and visual effects using emotion to get your message across. PunkinMusher Productions is a fully insured production company that is ready and able to shoot, edit, produce and upload or distribute your video. We are equipped to do it all, or just the portion that your project is lacking.

videography tx

PunkinMusher Productions is committed to keeping up with rapidly changing video production technology. We believe there will always be a need for continued development and improvement. In our quest to give you a positive and successful production experience, we must seek out what is new and what has been proven to be effective. All this is to assure we can meet your video needs at an advantage over our competition. In doing so, PunkinMusher Production's success is derived solely from the success of our clients.

The different phases below explain what you can expect from the beginning to the end of your video production. Based upon your preliminary scope of this project, we will provide our quote based on the package you choose.

Phase 1-No charge

  • Discuss clients' goals.
  • Brainstorm about how to achieve those goals.
  • Make rough storyboard and discuss locations, determine crews, cast and props required.
  • Rough scheduling and planning.
  • Bill rates will be quoted by "Per Finished Minute" based upon package chosen (see price guide)

Phase 2-Fees apply

  • 1/2 non-refundable down payment required.
  • Project begins only with client approval of detailed planning and scheduling, script writing, and selection of cast, crew and location.
  • Crew accommodation fees may apply if travel is required beyond 100 miles.
  • Cost of equipment not provided within the PunkinMusher Productions Cost and Pricing Guide may be added to project invoice (see price guide below).
  • A "not to exceed amount" will be provided which will include up to 20 percent re-edit. If re-edits exceed 20 percent beyond that approved scope, an additional 20 percent fee will be added.

Video shoots, downloads, edits, graphic and audio creations, renderings and pre-view preparations are included in the "not to exceed amount" defined in Phase 2.

  • If rework is required beyond 20 percent of approved scope, an additional 20 percent will be added to the original cost.
  • After re-edits are complete, and after receipt of written client approval, contractual agreements and delivery of the remaining ½ payment, the final video production output will be distributed as required.
  • Please contact us for a quote or for additional information!

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to produce your upcoming video project. If you are ready to bring your vision to life, call PunkinMusher Productions at 806-717-8746. We're ready to help you tell your story, deliver your message or create your marketing edge through video.